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Ashley Steiner, Owner

We are thrilled about your passion for salt therapy! This all-natural treatment is a rapidly spreading global business and we congratulate your eagerness to become part of this health movement. As word continues to spread about the benefits of salt therapy, we are delightfully overwhelmed by the surge of people actively seeking natural, drug-free ways to relieve their respiratory symptoms.

We have had the privilege to observe our clients, of all ages, experience substantial relief from their conditions. From those with acute illness like the common cold to individuals suffering from chronic diseases such as COPD and cystic fibrosis, people now have within their reach a completely natural and powerfully effective method that relieves the impact of their ailments.

After successfully building and trademarking The Salt Room® over the eight years, we have created a licensing package to manage growth and offer others the opportunity to emerge into the area of salt therapy.

Our brand not only offers, consistent quality and performance, but most importantly, credibility and marketing power. Building a brand from scratch can take years, exorbitant funding and a lot of luck. We’ve done all the hard legwork, now you can reap the rewards. Regardless of whether you have prior experience in health and wellness, if you are looking for a new venture – we can help make your goal a reality. Some of our licensees have had their locations up and running in as little as 3 months.

We look forward to providing you the same beautiful and healing salt rooms that thousands of our clients are raving about. This proposal includes a summary of our trademark licensing agreement and cost to build our unique branded salt room. Please feel free to call or write should you have any additional questions.

Ashley Steiner
Owner & Licensor, The Salt Room®

What is Salt Therapy?

In the 1840’s, a Polish physician documented that workers in salt mines had much lower rates of lung disease and attributed the cause of their good health to the salt cave air that was saturated with salt particles. Soon thereafter speleotherapy, the therapeutic use of salt caves, became a common drug-free treatment for many chronic lung and skin conditions. The Salt Room®, simulating the effects of salt mines, brings a once inaccessible, natural, healing element from the earth to the doorsteps of our urban community.

Salt therapy is the therapeutic use of natural salt in a simulated microclimate, like a salt room, where pulverized salt is blown into the room for occupants to passively breathe in.

During the 45-minute session, you can relax, enjoy music or read in our cozy, spa-like salt covered rooms while breathing in microscopic salt particles. Salt acts like an expectorant, accelerating mucus clearance and improving lung function while killing harmful bacteria and soothing the respiratory system.

Mucus Clearance
Once the salt particles enter the sinus and lung cavities, it reacts with the mucus by decreasing the thickness and allowing it to be expelled. Drawing out the mucus helps rid the nasal and lung passageways of allergens, bacteria and mucus blockage.

The pulverized salt, which you breathe in salt therapy, benefits the irritated lining of the nasal sinuses and lungs, from the bronchi down to the alveoli. With its natural anti-inflammatory properties, salt reduces tissue irritation and swelling, opening the airways for improved breathing.

In many chronic upper and lower respiratory tract conditions airways become narrowed and irritated filling with mucus where bacteria flourishes. Not only does salt help expel bacteria thru mucus clearance, but salt is also a natural antibacterial and can kill bacteria in the respiratory tracts.

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