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Enjoy the benefits of holding The Salt Room® License with the full support of our brand behind you. A salt therapy room is a great way to offer Halotherapy to clients.

Benefits of The Salt Room® Trademark License

  • Licensor's experience reduces startup costs and mistakes
  • Ease of product introduction and market penetration
  • Ongoing support from the trademark's licensing office
  • National brands lend credibility to products and services
  • Increased profits from brand awareness
  • Discourage competition
  • Opportunities to build strategic alliances with other locations and vendors
  • Trademark recognition influences consumers and motivates them to buy a trusted brand
Benefit from the trademark's selling power to gain competitive advantage in the salt therapy marketplace.

The Salt Room®'s Medical Advisor

Benefit from the credibility of The Salt Room®'s medical advisor's research, and respiratory and pulmonary expertise.

Daniel Layish, MD, graduated magna cum laude from Boston University Medical School in 1990. He then completed an Internal Medicine Residency at Barnes Hospital (Washington University) in St. Louis, Missouri and a Pulmonary Critical Care Fellowship at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. Since 1997, he has been a member of the Central Florida Pulmonary Group in Orlando. He currently serves as Medical Director of the Intensive Care Unit, Respiratory Therapy and Pulmonary Rehab at Winter Park Memorial Hospital.

Benefit from the first published medical study on salt therapy in the US.

Study: The Effect of Halo Therapy on Pulmonary Function, Dyspnea and Sinus Symptoms in Patients with Cystic Fibrosis By: Morhaf Al Achkar, MD and Daniel Layish, MD

"The majority of the patients I have referred to The Salt Room® have reported decreased congestion and an easier time clearing secretions."
– Dr. Daniel T. Layish, MD, FACP, FCCP, FAASM

The Salt Room®'s Medical Advisor | Salt Room Consulting | salt therapy

License Agreement

A trademark licensing agreement grants a licensee the right to use a trademark or name in conjunction with a product or service, for a prescribed amount of time, and in a specific geographic area for compensation.

The Salt Room®'s licensing agreement offers a flat licensing fee per year with NO ROYALTIES. The licensee’s first year's fee is already included in the initial package cost that will be provided for you later in our discussion.

Customers prefer to buy brands they know and trust. With The Salt Room® behind you, you’re more likely to succeed. Our strong brand, our cooperative go-to-market initiatives, and our established position in the industry can help pave the way to higher profitability.

Included in the License Agreement:

  • Use of The Salt Room® name and logo
  • Website and Branding Package
  • Use of The Salt Room® copyright content on collateral materials, website, as well as use of testimonials
  • Advertising and marketing material layouts
  • Media articles written about The Salt Room® and the benefits of salt therapy
  • One-on-one training on how to operate a salt therapy business
  • Operational forms and booking software
  • Marketing/PR/Advertising guidance
  • Specific medical answers from our Medical Advisor, Dr. Daniel Layish, MD.
One-on-one training on how to operate a salt therapy business with Salt Room Consulting

Installation Process

Pre-construction Advisory

Pre-Construction advisory services provide guidance to licensee and their architect on placement, type and quality of the following: Halogenerator, electrical, lighting, sound, HVAC, exhaust system, salt, and UV lights.


We estimate the amount of salt needed for walls, floor and ceiling based room size determined by licensee. We coordinate all necessary arrangements for delivery to the site as well as payment to the supplier. This quote is based per room with a size approximately 250 square feet. Additional delivery & salt charges may apply to international or special locations as well as requested larger salt rooms.


Our professional team will arrive at the site ready to prepare the room and apply the salt. This includes preparation of the wall, once the wall is constructed to our specifications, and purchase of all materials and tools needed to deliver a room ready for use. Licensee will be responsible for all construction licenses, permits or insurance.

Travel & Accommodation

Our professional team of laborers and consultants will travel to your location and secure accommodations near the site for the duration of the installation and training.

Construction Oversight

The Salt Room® will review project design documents from architect and MEP engineer to verify they meet our functional requirements. We will manage our construction team on timing and delivery and coordinate purchase, delivery and installation of salt.

Staff Training

This includes employee staff training on salt therapy education, Halogenerator operation and maintenance, client relations, and intake forms and processes.


The Salt Room® provides two 30-minute phone consultations during the first 12 months after location opening. The Salt Room® also includes one site visit for training, which is usually scheduled immediately prior to location opening.

Booking Software

Software system setup required for tracking client reservations, online booking, sales tracking, marketing programs, and retail sales. We will also advise on credit card processing.

Branding Package

The branding package includes required interior branding signage, client intake forms, The Salt Room® brochure, branding standards, specifications and logos, The Salt Room® copyright material with media kit, and optional branded marketing collateral and promotional items for order.

Financing Options

Brickhouse Capital

The Salt Room® works with Brickhouse Capital and offers financing for salt rooms and generators. Contact us for more information about financing options.

Try out their Lease Calculator today!

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