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The manufacturing and deliveries of IIRIS-36 salt aerosol generator started in 2010. It is a modern and extra reliable dry salt aerosol generator. IIRIS-36 dry salt aerosol generator is easy to use and has a nice ergonomic shape. It is a quality dry salt aerosol generator that is especially designed for salt rooms, salt caves or salt chambers. IIRIS-36 salt generator can control the lights and ventilation system of the salt room or the salt cave. The mechanical parts of this salt generator can be easily cleaned and replaced. IIRIS-36 generates salt aerosol which consists of salt particles which are less than 10 μm of size. According to numerous studies, the particles of that size have the biggest chance to penetrate deep into the respiratory system and skin. It also offers salt aerosol concentrations at appropriate level.

  • Height 590mm, Width 250m Depth 200mm, Weight 23 kg
  • Supply up to 300 sq. ft. room
  • Wall mount installation
  • Customizable for length of session, amount of salt concentration, particle size and fan speed
  • One spare motor with each generator purchase (never be down for more than two minutes)
  • 3 separate auxiliary controls for ventilation, damper and lights
  • Power consumption less than 50 watts


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