Salt Therapy Products

Our Company will provide one Iiris Halogenerator for each room ready to be installed by a licensed electrician. The Iiris Halogenerator equipment provided by our company includes a 24-month manufacturer’s warranty. The Salt Room® is the exclusive distributor for the US.

salt therapy | IIRIS-137 | Salt Room Consulting IIRIS-137
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salt therapy | IIRIS-36 | Salt Room Consulting IIRIS-36
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salt therapy | Salt Cabin, Salt Bed | Salt Room Consulting Salt Cabin
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Salt Therapy Tent
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salt therapy | Pharmaceutical Grade Salt | Salt Room Consulting Pharmaceutical Grade Salt
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salt therapy | Salt Cabin | Salt Room Consulting Himalayan Salt Tiles
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Financing Options

Brickhouse Capital

salt therapy | Brickhouse Capital | Salt Room Consulting

The Salt Room® works with Brickhouse Capital and offers financing for salt rooms and generators. Contact us for more information about financing options.

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