The Salt Room®

Enjoy the benefits of holding The Salt Room® License with the full support of our brand behind you. A salt therapy room is a great way to offer Salt therapy to clients.

Benefits of The Salt Room® Trademark License

  • Licensor’s experience reduces startup costs and mistakes
  • Ease of product introduction and market penetration
  • Ongoing support from the trademark’s licensing office
  • National brands lend credibility to products and services
  • Increased profits from brand awareness
  • Discourage competition
  • Opportunities to build strategic alliances with other locations and vendors
  • Trademark recognition influences consumers and motivates them to buy a trusted brand


License agreement

Included in the License Agreement

A trademark licensing agreement grants a licensee the right to use a trademark or name in conjunction with a product or service, for a prescribed amount of time, and in a specific geographic area for compensation.

The Salt Room®’s licensing agreement offers a flat licensing fee per year with NO ROYALTIES. The licensee’s first year’s fee is already included in the initial package cost that will be provided for you later in our discussion.

Customers prefer to buy brands they know and trust. With The Salt Room® behind you, you’re more likely to succeed. Our strong brand, our cooperative go-to-market initiatives, and our established position in the industry can help pave the way to higher profitability.

Installation process


Financing options

The Salt Room® works with Brickhouse Capital and offers financing for salt rooms and generators. Contact us for more information about financing options.

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